Hello Power Walker!

My name is Carmina Mevs.
I'm the founder and Chief Motivation Officer at Walk It Off.
Why a virtual walking club? Simple: I hate the gym. I spent so much money on membership fees that I never used that I feel a sharp pain whenever a walk by one

I discovered that I could get just as good a workout in the good old outdoors or in my home simply by walking. No more achy back or knees.
Finally a workout I can actually enjoy!

carmina getting fit

not so long ago, I was just like you...

At 5'4" and 180 lbs, I was classified OBESE...

Which was a bit surprising to me because I was always on a diet, always "watching" what I was eating...
I even managed to work out once in a while.
That's what you're supposed to do, Right?
Sadly I was ALWAYS on the lookout for the next miracle product.
You name it.I tried it.
I was forever caught in the vicious cycle of Yo-Yo dieting
I was forever losing a little bit of weight only to watch it come back with a vengeance!

I decided I HAD to make a change

first I tried to suppress my appetite and craving for sweets with over-the-counter supplements and pills.
That didn't work at all! Then I tried all sorts of diets, went to meetings, measured and counted every calorie, and that was a little better.
But my problem was always the same: The diets or the exercise programs were too hard, too complicated or too expensive to sustain for a long time...
And even when I did get some results, I could never stay motivated long enough to achieve my dream weight and size.
So the weight always came back, and back I was; on the lookout for the next miracle product.

here's what's happened to me since

One day I came across a system that has since allowed me to shed over 1+ lb a week for 12 weeks straight and the best part was that I was having fun in the process.
And that's when I realized it wasn't my fault! Contrary to popular belief, I didn't become obese because I was lazy, undisciplined or stupid. The simple truth is that the string of fad diets and information overload were sabotaging my best efforts.
No wonder I was struggling!
Once I realized that it wasn't about the latest celebrity-endorsed diet or workout DVD, that's when I relaxed and started to lose weight. Really FAST!
I am onto something BIG!

Getting Fit is a System

I want to show you what's possible for you when you have a system to Get Fit and when you stop winging it.
Because Getting Fit is NOT about the latest fad diet or exercise program.
"It is about YOU making the right choices, choices that serve and empower you, It's about adopting success habits that you can start right now and continue for the rest of your life, And the key to your success will be learning to make the right choices effortlessly."
-Jeff Olson
I'm still on my own journey but I'm no longer obese. I can look at myself in the mirror without wincing I look good and I feel great That's what I'm inviting you to do with me on your own Walk It Off journey
Welcome aboard!

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